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Coupling double flap swing check valve
Product Type: H76H / W
Nominal Diameter: NPS 2 "~ 60", DN50 ~ 1500mm
Pressure Range: Class150 ~ 600Lb, PN10 ~ 100MPa
Working Temperature: -29 ℃ ~ +425 ℃
Main Body Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel
Design standard: API6D, JB / T8937, API594
Structure length: API594, JB / T8937
Connection standard: ASME B16.5, GB / T 9113, JB / T79, HG / T 20592
Pressure test: API 598, GB / T 13927 , JB / T 9092
Pressure - Temperature class: ASME B16.34, GB / T12224
Product details


1, the product structure of short length, small size, light weight.

2, the sealing flap can be selected according to different working conditions, soft sealing or hard sealing material, good sealing performance.

3, horizontal or vertical pipe can be used, easy to install.

4, the valve closed quickly, water hammer pressure is small.

5, the material of parts and the valve end face form, size according to the actual conditions or user requirements reasonable matching, to meet the needs of various projects.

 The main dimensions