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Insulation check valve
Model: BH41W / H
Nominal diameter: DN10 ~ 2000mm
Nominal: PN1.6 ~ 16.0MPa
Main material: stainless steel (316L, 304, CF3M, CF8 ), dual-phase steel, carbon steel, titanium
Design and manufacturing standards: GB / T12235, GB / T12236, API6D
Structure length standard: GB / T 12221-2005, ASME B16.10
Connection flange standard: GB / T 9113, GB, HG, JB, API, DIN, JIS
Pressure and temperature rating: GB / T 12224-2005
Test standards: GB / T 13927-2008, JB / T9092, API598
Product details

Insulation check valve works:
 Insulation   check valve is lifting the check valve on the basis of welding metal   jacket, used to inject steam or other insulation, cold medium, to ensure   that the valve medium to work properly. Has a good thermal insulation properties, while reducing the pipeline medium heat loss. Insulation   jacket check valve Integral jacket structure design, more uniform   insulation, cold, jacketed carbon steel pipe welding more firm than the   cast. Jacket, outside the body and jacket take over welding, allowing steam or cold water maximum pressure of 1MPa. 
 Insulation check valve Features:
 1, lifting insulation check valve has a good thermal insulation properties, while reducing the pipeline medium heat loss. 
 2,   Widely used Mainly used in petroleum, chemical industry, asphalt,   metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food and other systems, to prevent the   delivery of conventional high viscosity medium will be solidified   reflux. 
 3, the use of carbon steel jacket welded more firm than the casting pressure.

Insulation check valve main form connection size: